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APOCALYPSE Survival: Part 1 - Do you have what it takes?

This will be part of a series of questions, check back on my page everyday, i will give you a letter to keep track of and at the end of each quiz i will say which letter would not have survived, this is a test to see how people react in certain situations.

Please also write these along with your answer:
If you are a Jock, Nerd, Overweight or military/survivor archetype.
If you have a tendency to over eat while scared.
If you had any training?
If you'd be okay for your journey to be used in a book with your name or a new name or not at all.

Please do not:
Overthink your answers, first instinct is what matters.
Say how you wish you'd respond, this is not what you'd do.
Comment on other people their answers telling them how stupid their choice was, this is to see how many of you survive.

Todays excerpt "Broken Haven" starts:
You look in your backpack to find out you have half a bottle of water, half a can of peaches. The zombie apocalypse has been going for three weeks now.

You live in the middle of a city with a garage attached to your home, the local supermarket is small and has a lot of corners everywhere. You are one kilometer ( 3/5ths of a mile if I'm correct ) of a walk away from it and your home was stocked to the emergency minimum guidelines for surviving natural disasters.

What do you do?
APOCALYPSE Survival: Part 1 - Do you have what it takes?
Go outside and go to the closest store.
Vote A
Go look out the window to check how many there are before going out.
Vote B
Stay inside and look for anything else to eat.
Vote C
Hearing a noise in your garage you are suddenly unsure if you locked it or even closed it.
Vote D
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APOCALYPSE Survival: Part 1 - Do you have what it takes?
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