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Having a Mother with racist views? How can I help her?

My mom was telling me how not all white people are bad because the church lady did her a nice favor and stuff I already knew not all bad so that was more of a lesson for her I have diverse friends and stuff and get along with the staff at school if I don't like a teacher it's because of their personality lol. She said most are racist that bothered me a bit felt like it was stereotype but I let it slide she was going on her personal experience etc. So I asked her if she was still racist towards Asians😂 She goes I'm not racist towards them but... Or something like that I bring up how she got angry when I was dancing with them Dance choreography then she kinda ignores that saying how they make money off our insecurities thinking they're better like at the hair store etc blah blah she even admitted that she doesn't go to hair stores that are owned by Asians... She said that's not me being racist blah blah just my “personal experience ” She goes on about it and shit so I believe she still is very racist it bothers me how she's teaching my sister it's okay making her agree with her racist opinions she said something how she hates when a black female dates a man of a different race and not date there own she's just racist🙄 Like damn if you wanna say racist things about other people don't tell me please. My mom isn't a terrible person just has things to work on.
Having a Mother with racist views? How can I help her?
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