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Do you believe this song captures one of the reasons for drug use?

So I actually knew about this song for a LONG time, but I used to watch it on a video on Youtube where it showed different clips of people using drugs.

I came back about August to look for it but turned out the video got found out by Youtube team and got removed, which is a shame because it was really good.

So anyways, here is the cover song :)Then there is the original songPersonally I prefer the Cover but I do like the original as well, they are both in my playlist :p

Do you believe this is a song that explains pretty clearly the cause of drug use, among many other reasons of course.

I think I need to be very cautious with what I write on this subject...
So, the video that got removed contained clips of people lighting up... glass "Vases" containing certain plant extracts and breathing in the... gases that were releases when heat was applied to them. There was also clips of people lining up flour in thin lines for use to bake...

So of course the video got banned and removed, I just loved how fitting it was to the clips and in some the people just looked so calm and yeah.

Everybody, I do NOT suggest the use of drugs unless it is medicinal, drug abuse is not something I condone and this is just a cover note on the bottom.
Do you believe this song captures one of the reasons for drug use?
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