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How comes people believe in aliens but not ghosts?

I think it’s ridiculous to believe in aliens lol, jus hopeful people tryna sound interesting and quirky, let’s be honest, if aliens did exist we would see them floating around in nasa space pics lol,
yet 99percent more people believe in something as ridiculous as aliens, but not something as ridiculous as ghosts... when in my opinion it’s more realistic to believe in ghosts cos I’ve definitely seen some explainable things happening, like things falling over by theirself (no it wasn’t gravity)
and heard unexplainable things

so how comes people are willing to believe in a ridiculous thing like aliens but not something ridiculous as ghosts?
are they jus too scared to believe in ghosts?
I think they’re too scared to believe in ghost,
i think they’re tryna make theirself believe ghosts don’t exist so they don’t scare theirself at night when they hear weird things, basically pussies lol
Aliens are real
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I’ve seen evidence of ghost but never evidence of alien, jus fake videos
How comes people believe in aliens but not ghosts?
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