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Is it normal that I feel like this?

Let me first ask you guys not to assume anything just like that from this. I have been a very introvert person till i passed grad school and i found it pretty awkward being with people. Then i moved to a different place for job and stayed there alone and met people who were different and in time i got very forward even to the point i had one night stands and even got a reputation of being easy which i definitely wasn't and it was just a phase where i got carried away and that was like 6 years back. I left that place after sometime and eventually am working with a friend and staying in a different town as well. But i feel i have again become kind of closed and that wild phase kind of plays on my mind at times. People who knew me back then from that time are a bit taken aback when they meet me now. Am i becoming a closed person to an extent again. Do i look like i am someone who is very private and why do people think i am older than i actually am i. e 29 turning 30?
Is it normal that I feel like this?
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