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What's a strange dream you've had?

I had a dream that I was sailing in space fighting ninjas while trying to protect a robot princess and shit got chaotic when one of my dipshit crew members opened up all the caged animals letting them run loose all over the fucking top deck and now I got to be careful where I swing my lightsaber so I don't ask them to turn Wilbur into pork chops and I don't know one during the fight but at some point one of the donkeys got a shark and stuck in his ass so now we named him Eeyore and despite the trauma he's a sweet person however peace didn't last because somewhere on whatever planet we crashed at we went to some fuck ass space bar and before I could even buy myself a drink fuckin robot princess decides to go and shotgun almost all the alcohol in the bar like her name was Benedetta B. Rodriguez and now I got to kill an entire bar filled with all sorts of aliens that just wanted to have a good time I still wish I had my pet dinosaur and before you ask yes his name was Yoshi I'm not that clever but what is clever is whoever designed the bed in the Captain's quarter of my ship because that shit is like the perfect bed and I cry every time knowing that I'll never get to sleep on it again cuz it was all a god damn dream.
What's a strange dream you've had?
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