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Would you raise a Pitbull if you had a smaller dog?

So I recently rescued a Pittbull about 8 weeks old. He was in a bad situation with a bunch of irresponsible meth heads as their owner. I already have a 10Lb Pomeranian. As his owner, I need to protect him from harms way.

One of my neighbors dogs and this woman’s husband just got attacked by a pittbull last night and it got me thinking. I live in a high class area, so it’s not like this pittbull owner was irresponsible. That pittbull had training I’m sure.

I’ve also had to shoot a pittbull who was attacking my friend and I full force, and that was a terrible experience and quite scary.

I love dogs, and I’m trying to not be biased, but I’m wondering if should keep this dog. He’s adorable, and friendly, and I’ll of course pay for good training. Having said that, if he hurt my Pomeranian, I’d be really pissed at myself for putting my dog in harms way.

I've been doing research and I’ve come to find these three Pittbull Tarrier was bred for killing. They were used by the Romans as war dogs, and then later used to kill bulls, and then later used for dog fighting. I’m sure everyone has lovely Pittbull stories, and claims their dogs are friendly, but this kind of behavior seems hardwired in their DNA. We can pay for the best training, but if it’s instinctively hard wired, they seem quite dangerous.

What are your suggestions? About to make a fairly difficult decision. I would give him up to a good home. I just wouldn’t raise him. We already feel a bit attached.
Would you raise a Pitbull if you had a smaller dog?
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