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What is/are the strangest things you did out of loneliness?

mine are :
in my dark days, I didn't have anyone who would call me or text me to the point whenever I had a call I am sure that it is either scam or someone who called the wrong number even before I answer and in one day I got a call from a scammer how asked me to send him 100 dollars from my account to win a prize or something and I pretended that I am following his instruction just so he speaks to me more, till he just gave up and closed

for many times in college, people as usual are sitting in groups and I was sitting alone also as usual but sometimes I intentionally go to sit close to those groups to hear what they talk about or hear the jokes they tell as it usually about things going on with our study so I can highly relate to but of course I pretend to read a book or look in my phone or something when I once tried to speak with one of these groups I was ignored and the they changed the subject

there were sometimes where I went to exactly to one restaurant even when I was not hungry and buy the cheapest thing on the menu just because some chef over there was so kind and everytime I go to take my order he would ask me how am I doing?

I am very ashamed of this one, I was feeling so bad so I downloaded one of these apps to meet friends and talk anonymously, and very soon I found that it is all about creeps who are asking/sending nudes until I found I what I thought was a decent person but he wanted to talk to a female so I pretended to be a girl so he could talk to me, in the end, it is anonymous and self-deleting chat so what is the difference really, either way, it was a brief chat but it is kinda meant something to me, as I am sorry for lying to that guy it is sad how no one cares about men feeling or loneliness or take it seriously anymore which I think it is far worse and far common the women

note: forgive my English if were any mistakes as I am not a native speaker
What is/are the strangest things you did out of loneliness?
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