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Would you be willing to be an embalmer?

Embalming refers to treating corpses to delay decomposition, typically to make the body acceptable to view at a funeral.

Embalmers evaluate the condition of the dead person, noting things such as the level of decay, presence of fecal matter, and tissue gas. The embalmer removes the clothing of the corpse, places a modesty cloth over the genitals, washes the body with a germicidal soap, & massages the corpse's arms and legs to relieve rigor mortis.

Chemicals are inserted into the blood vessels. Blood is drained from the body. An aspirator is inserted in an incision just above the naval that is used to drain internal fluids from the body (the incision is then closed afterwards).

Makeup is often applied to the corpse to make it appear more lifelike.
Would you be willing to be an embalmer?
The idea of working with a corpse sounds gross to me but obviously I'm grateful there are some people who are willing to do it.

How about you?
Yes and I would enjoy it
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Yes. I wouldn't enjoy it but I wouldn't be squeamish.
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If the pay was good enough, I could overcome my squeamishness and do it.
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No, that's too gross.
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No, because I have moral or religious objections.
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I don't know
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Would you be willing to be an embalmer?
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