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What makes someone mixed race?

I’m not the most mixed person, I’m 74 percent European, 11 percent south Asian, 10 percent African and 2.3 percent Chinese.

I’ve never really considered myself mixed because only found out about my DNA results this year.

Why I’m asking this is because I’ve never met anyone who thought I was white. I’ve been called half Asian, Mexican, Native American and all the sorts.

I’ve gotten used to saying my dad is super white and my mom is half.

I’m not really one of those white people trying to seem ethnic. My ex girlfriend called me mixed but the only thing is I’ve lived a white life, so I don’t wanna come saying oh I’m mixed now.

I guess the better question is should identify as white or mixed. I’ve personally always said white and south Asian

I’m not really asking this because of how people perceive me, it’s just more so a question of where do people draw the line
What makes someone mixed race?
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