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Wonder Woman 84 thoughts (spoilers)?

The movie almost made me cry 6 times because of sadness.

In the beginning of the movie, there was 3 people who made one wish.

The first person who made a wish was Diana (Wonder Woman). She wished that her lover was still with her.

The second person who made a wish was Barbara (that cat lady Wonder Woman had fought in the trailer). She wished to be like Diana, to look sexy like her and be liked by others.

The last person, I forgot his name, but he was looking for that wish crystal for who knows how long. He was nothing but a fraud on TV. He even lied to his son and never really made time for him because he was thinking of only himself. The guy made a wish of to be the wish crystal.

Okay, on to the sad parts, whatever those three wished, they lose something. Diana was losing her powers; a bullet to the chest made her bleed and she couldn't heal. Barbara lost something, I think, but I can't interpret what. The guy, I think, was losing touch with reality as he was granting everyone's wishes; he also suffered nose bleeds, bloodshot in his left eye, and headaches (or migraines).
When Diana saw that her lover was back, it made me emotional. The same way he put a watch in Diana's palm, recreated the scene in Wonder Woman when the two parted.
When Diana had to renounce her wish after kissing and hugging her lover and when she went off to save the day, her lover yelled, "I love you, Diana!" That's what was really going to make me shed tears. Diana was crying, saying "I love you" back before renouncing her wish was the saddest part of the movie.

While Diana was saving the day by putting her voice on the broadcasts, she made a speech to convince everyone to renounce their wishes. It worked, but I also felt bad for Barbara. At first, I grew a dislike for her for some reason, but after looking back at how she was looked at at the beginning of the film, I couldn't but feel sympathy and empathy.
Wonder Woman 84 thoughts (spoilers)?
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