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POLL- Do u need to pay parents rent & never move out? My parents want use me for money help?

I’m 23 and since last year in October I began selling from my small online business sales like a full time job weekly. before that in September I began get 0 sales, i couldn’t work anymore as I was living in a shared room with my mom in her friends house. It got to the point my office didn’t fit & I cudnt work at all as her friend would get angry. I offered mom to live with me but she said shut up don’t pressure me I’m not moving I’m buying my home staying here at her friends shared room. I rented a studio since then. Now she’s complaining wanting leave friends shared room & still can’t buy her Home. She can’t afford $400 rent. My dad lives in his car as he drives all day 4 work & says $500 rent is costly. My ParentsComplain of rent but all normal people pay more rent 1-2k a month. Mom says My money for rent is supposed to be for her rent. I told her am I a robot for money or her daughter? Then my cuzins at my age are moved out with gfs. Mom thinks I’m trash as I have my own office in my studio I’m not a strong business woman but She says u only Need live alone with a man. You need a guy in order to live? That’s not right. She wanted move to a far desert 3 hours away now she wants go to Vegas. I will be alone no family anymore. I worry as I have health issue where I suffocate at night turn red need someone watch me. I wish my mom can live in city where I want settle down or buy her a home but I’m not rich. boyfriend lives near me comes visit & for dates but I hope soon he can live with me as I feel parents think I’m trash worthless being independent woman alone. I don’t want be lonely with no family.
POLL- Do u need to pay parents rent & never move out? My parents want use me for money help?
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