I keep having the same dreams?

Okay well not exactly but almost
It's kinda getting annoying and maybe a little paranoid?

So we're all sitting together around a fire talking and playing around ( parents included ) . After some time we get tired and wait for the fire to go out so we can go take showers and go to sleep. So while I'm sleeping I kinda start to smell smoke so I jump up. I try to wake my sisters up but they won't wake up. Then I go to run down the hallway to get my brother , mom, step dad and uncle up but by that time the fire was already creeping up the stairs. So I'm freaking out a bit because I have to run right through the fire to get to them. Then my step dad does that little dramatic walk through the fire. He's like " Aniya you need to get out I'll get the rest of them " . Of course I put up a fight... he looked like he was about to collapse so how in the world would he get everyone out. Eventually he got me to jump outta a window , which made me hurt my leg so I couldn't get back up. I'm sitting there waiting for him to help the others outta the window... it's taking for ever. I can see the flames through my window now which I know is bad because they won't have another way out. Then the house starts to kinda fall apart.
*there's still much more *
So long story short everyone died

I keep having this same dream ( or something like it ) over and over again
1 y
Your dreams mean. . .
you will suffer loss.
Your dream is not predicting the future, but the way you are living is manifesting in your dreams and your real life. Unless you make some changes in the way you act and think, you will lose something or someone that you care a lot about
1 y
So I looked it up
I keep having the same dreams?
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