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Talented, cheap, or friendly. Pick two. Which would you prefer in a service?

Long story short that I won't really get into much; I just had a bad experience with someone I paid for a service within the second day. He was absolute crap at his job AND as I just learned, rude too. I gave him very friendly, professional feedback at the first result he gave me and left extensive feedback on it. And then he gave me lip. "No offense, dude, but..." And "Dude, it's only a $[_-_-_] job..."

I immediately canceled my order at that moment. I showed him my results and how I can literally do this better than he can (but not at the professional level I want) and yet he's charging money and can't get basic stuff right even children know how to do. I can't fathom how someone can be THAT untalented at something (to the point I am literally years better than him and not even a professional at it), yet THAT egotistical for it, as well. And yet, he's not even qualified to do it for free!

So assuming you couldn't get all three, which two would you prefer in a service?

Having had all three before, I'd prefer "Affordable & great customer service" because that person is willing to quickly become better at the job and improve things as they go along, to the point you'll eventually have a skilled worker who is also affordable (for a while, anyway).
Highly skilled & affordable (but extremely rude, nasty, and disrespectful to you).
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Highly skilled & great customer service (but really expensive).
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Affordable & great customer service (but worse at the job than you are).
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Talented, cheap, or friendly. Pick two. Which would you prefer in a service?
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