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Anybody have any good airplane stories?

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My future wife was living 300 miles away when we first started dating. I would drive up to see her regularly. I had a new vehicle on order when the car I had finally died. I used to fly up there in one of the regional airlines. One day I was at the airport waiting for my flight. There was something going on with the runway so there was a delay. I sent the time drinking beer in the lounge and after four or five we were finally ready to go. They flew a Beechcraft 88 which carried 12 passengers
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It had no bathroom and by the time we were in the air I had to pee really bad. We had to land someplace else to pick up more passengers so I got out of my seat and left the plane. The pilot yelled at me but I just told him not to leave without me. I got back to the plane and had to sit in a dingle seat in the back on the plane. The pilot slammed the door shut but it would not latch. He tried several times and finally pulled it shut with the safety chain. He handed me the chain and said we would
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only be in the air fifteen minutes. I hald onto the chain and when we landed I opened the door andgt off the plane. A year later I heard that there was a guy sitting in a small commuter plane that fell out during a flight when the door suddenly opened. They said it was a Beechcraft 88. Coincidence?
Anybody have any good airplane stories?
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