Has this guy been absorbed into the Coloured race?


my story in this whole process
im half Indian half Chinese. So that would make me Asian
My mother is of Chinese descent my father of Indian descent. My parents got divorced when I was 4 my father stuck to his Asian Race. He has an Asian daughter.
my mother won custody of me as a child. And mixed with Coloured race. Now my half siblings are Coloured.
my mother decided to Marry a black coloured man.

Misconceptions about the coloured race
a lot of confusion is around this race people assume that they are Mulatto people. But they forgot that many Asians had lived among these folk as well

south African government role in the confusion

Under apartheid South Africa many Asians whi weren't Indian qere classified as coloured and many other people who weren't coloured were classified as such
As there are only four groups in South Africa African, white indian and Coloured.
A lot of people that's not coloured were classified as such.

the apartheid group area act if 1950s role in the confusion

in the 1950s group area act of the apartheid regime. Many Asians were put among the coloured race and the intermixing began with many Asian people intermarrying the coloured race.

racial preservation and further confusion
many Asians at this time had been absorbed into the coloured race. With only a few Asians having racial purity.
These Asians decided to breed only with their own race and restore their community. But doing so was impossible due to the circumstances at the time
My families racial background
my grandmother is Chinese she married a Malaysian man. My mom uncle aunts are Asian Classified as Cape Chinese. My aunt's , uncles got married to Coloured race. And my cousin's cousins are coloured.
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Has this guy been absorbed into the Coloured race?
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