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Was my reaction normal?

An old flame came back to see me after many years. I was a college freshman at the time and he was 21. Then destiny separated us for good. Before leaving, he told he'll come back one day.

He came back last week as a now 37 year-old (3 years older than me) but I was disappointed in seeing him. He has no fb nor likes appearing publically online so yes, he changed too much. That's not the guy I waited for. I didn't find him attractive anymore. We decided to simply move on and keep in contact just as friends.

Was my reaction normal? He aged so much, a lot more than me that I got turned off.
1 mo
To be honest, while we were apart for the longest, I was dating others and had a couple other relationships. We would only keep in contact on the phone.
I was dating others but at the same time was hoping he would come back one day. He did but I was disappointed.
Was my reaction normal?
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