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Having a hard time as a freshman in college - need advice?

it’s my second week in uni and i’m not doing well. i am already overwhelmed with the work- it’s not hard it’s just a lot. i feel like i’m copying notes or practicing all day and have no free time. i’m also extremely shy. i’m in a completely new province and i didn’t know anyone at all so i was hoping to try and get out of my shell and get better at making friends but i didn’t realize how hard it would be to break out of my old habits. it’s the second week and everyone in my small residence building seems to have their friend groups now and i feel so alone and out of place just like in highschool. whenever i try and hang out with them they talk about all their inside jokes and it reminds me of all the times i was up in my room watching a lecture instead of being downstairs in the common room hanging out. at this point it seems too late to try and join their friend group. i dont have any other friends here other than my roommate and i feel so isolated. i feel like i’m going to really struggle in university if i don’t have any friends and i have a lot of work to do. especially since i’m slowly losing contact with my friends from my hometown. i’m not sure what i should do i desperately want friends and to get more work done. im trying SO hard to get out of my shell and talking to people but it’s not working. i feel like there’s something wrong with me that makes it so hard for me to make friends. i even went to a party (which is way out of my comfort zone) and it just reminded me how awkward i am. i sorry for rambling
any advice on how to make friends and manage my time better? thank u so much 💕
Having a hard time as a freshman in college - need advice?
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