Is it a good idea to buy a really cheap car?

Right now I'm borrowing someone's car that they'll need back by summer. Unless I do something before then, I will have no transportation (there are no public transit systems here).
I have a good credit score but am barely breaking even with my income now for the bare essential bills and groceries. I am also a full-time college student, but I got a new job that will hopefully give me the hours I need.
I was thinking of getting a really cheap car on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, like saving 2-3k and buying the old used car upfront. I am a new driver and have heard bad things about dealerships. I just need something reliable for errands and transportation.
Life is hard and I don't have any income for savings, and with the urgency I have to get a car by summer or else be car-less, this is the decision I'm considering.
Thoughts? Has anyone here bought a 2,000 dollar car from Facebook?
Is it a good idea to buy a really cheap car?
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