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Plumbing knowledge anyone?

So my kitchen sink doesn't drain right, I know what the problem is, I don't know how to fix it without redoing the piping all the way through under my house. Whenever I run the water for a while in my kitchen sink it builds up and drains too slowly for proper functional use.

I've acid washed it, snaked it, cleaned the peatrap, all that, it only helped a little. The issue I've got is that instead of my piping running straight across under my house to the septictank so that gravity will feed the water down, the piping raps around the house at an even level to my septictank.

Any ideas how to fix this and the most cost efficient way to do so? My crawlspace isn't big enough to actually crawl through either because the house was build in the 1940s.
Plumbing knowledge anyone?
Plumbing knowledge anyone?
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