He called me a bitch!

today I was trying to tell my boyfriend that we should take a break for a little bit since things have been rough lately since he is in the navy and we don't talk much as we used to. And I was being calm about the whole situation and then he gets mad and calls me a stuck up bitch.

hes never said that before he's always sweet and gentle with me and it just really hurt me and I forgave him for it and we decided not to take a break so were still together

I'm not sure how to move past what he said yes I forgave him for it but it still hurts a lot. help


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  • Being in the military gives a person a lot of stress. He has a lot of responsibilities and deadlines. You are the only connection that makes him feel human. He shouldn't take out his anger on you, but everyone has their breaking point. I know it hurts, but you will eventually forget this issue. Being in a relationship with a military guy is difficult. It takes a lot patience and loyalty. Just don't sweat the small stuff.


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  • I say you have a real "bounderies" talk with him.

    Please don't allow him to talk to you that way.,

    He'll get comfy and possibly do more.

    So just talk with him now and let him know that's not okay.

    It's okay to be upset but no need for disrespect.

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