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Do you sleep talk?

I've noticed in recent weeks my dreams have become so powerful I've ended up dealing with serious scenarios where I'm building up in frustration and shouting. Which leads me to wake up saying either a name or a sentence.
What that sounds like to my neighbours Only God knows. (as a child I was told it sounds like gobbledygook)
Tonight, I just woke up from a dream shouting in the blusterous wind with Gabrielle Aubrey, 🙄🤷🏾‍♀️ why I dunno, but in the dream I was at a red carpet event with a vip access pass. I saw Christina Millian being escorted by him (?) I said hello to her then messed up on his name I think I called him K-fed (whoops), I stumbled immediately correcting myself but the way he blasted me. Even though I said "oh shit Gabrielle!"
Knowing we would be seeing each other again later at the event I caught up to him to apologise.
Anyways for some reason we seemed to get caught in some really out the ordinary torrential winds.
But he wouldn't let me get close enough to apologise but kept shouting in the winds at me. Claiming that I could hear what he was saying! (Messed up!)
I gave up and walked off. He had obviously dropped Christina off at the second event and decided to go elsewhere.
She actually approached me and I apologised for holding her up, explained the situation to which she appeared to be sympathising with but it was obviously intense or anxiety inducing for me because I woke up saying, "well he just wouldn't let me apologise!"
This is something I used to do as a child, I'm obviously working something out.
But do your dreams manifest in this way?
Do you sleep talk?
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