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Do you ever "Pay it forward," What are your stories if you ever have?

Do you ever Pay it forward, What are your stories if you ever have?
First time it happened to me, I was surprised, dumbfounded and like what?

Since then I've made it a goal to pay it forward when I can. To help out if I am able.

Sometimes I'll just be in a drive through and when I get up to the window, I'll say "I want to pay for the car behind me." other times its a little different.

A few months ago, at a gas station while filling up. The man at the pump next to me asked if I had any change, he had just got off the graveyard shift and needed enough to make it home. He was still in his work cloths and looked exhausted.

I don't carry any cash, no change but I offered to just fill his car up for him on my card.

I put my card in and while taking to him, another man came up and said he heard what was going on, he offered myself some cash, then went and talked to others, before long I had $40 given to myself for this act of kindness from all the others.

I do wonder how instrumental I was in this, had I just ignored him or not helped if the others would of. In the end, it was a very emotional moment for that man who promised to pay it forward one day when he could.

It really changes the tone for others when these kind of things happen.

Right now I'm doing a couple of secret Santa's. Been doing some online shopping for kids cloths today, made me think of this and wondered how many others do things like this when they can.

I don't expect anything back from any of these, just trying to do small acts of kindness.

Kindness is something we can always do, there is no such thing as too much kindness to one other.
Do you ever "Pay it forward," What are your stories if you ever have?
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