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What is it that makes America good?

Growing up in America, I found this obnoxious belief to be rather ubiquitous. That America was somehow the "best country in the world". That "we are the good guys". Truthfully I almost bought it myself. I joined the military briefly and then decided to leave when I saw how unbelievably mind washed, willfully ignorant and violent the armed forces members are.

The America I grew up in is not great, nor is it particularly good. America as it stands today is the primary threat to world peace, given that its America and its allies starting most of the wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. It was, America, after all that murdered a hundred thousand civilians to end a war on its own terms. "Unconditional surrender". Now really, ladies and gentlemen, how heroic is that? To slaughter that many people in the name of justice. What justice? The justice America showed to Vietnam by dropping chemical agents on children? Or maybe the justice shown to the illegally detained and tortured prisoners of Abu Gharib? The women denied public trial or access to international lawyers at Guntanamo Bay?

America is really not any more or less free than any other country on earth. Every four years you get to pick from two elite-approved candidates, if you live in one of 10 battleground states. Otherwise your vote is basically meaningless. Oh and this whole idea of fighting for freedom is quite comical to me. Given that the American military essentially ran Iraq until installing a puppet government and leaving.

But I digress, my question hasn't yet received a rational answer. I shared my revelations of American war crimes with a fellow in a bar near Fukuoka, after dislocating his jaw and beating his friend unconscious with his own sidearm. I have to say that I took no pleasure in beating up my own countrymen, but really I found their behavior to be very intolerable. Harassing innocent women and running their mouths like drunken idiots. I must say that I despise America with every fiber of my being.

It's the home of all manner of hypocrisy, disgusting jingoism, ignorance, greed and decadence. In all truth, America deserves to lose its own "war on terrorism". Its government eviscerated and its political leaders tried in international court and publicly executed for crimes against the human race that include genocide, perjury, fraud, embezzlement, war crimes and other crimes against humanity and violations of international law.

Despite the way this question sounds, I am rather serious and I would like an intelligent response from someone that still lives in America.
What is it that makes America good?
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