What do guys get intimidated by and turn ons/offs?

OK, so what do guys get intimidated by? as in what type of characteristics and or personality traits would you find intimidated by in a woman? Do you like the motherly/wifey type or the wild girl?

what are some things that attract you to a woman? turn on/offs etc. I am basically curious to see how many guys actually like the good girl type, you know the motherly and wife type of a woman.


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  • miss, your question is too complicated for a guy to answer... No dude wants a motherly/wifey type of girl, but they don't want a wild girl either (except for a one nighter) as for turn ons/offs its up to the guy... Personally I hate chicks who bitch, girls that don't care for their health (if the scale says error, maybe its time to hit the gym), and girls that think they're princesses and are entitled to sh*t. Turns ons, girl with a little education( not mandatory), a girl that works out periodically(not body building but someone who takes care of their body), a girl that cooks and takes care of you(picks you up when you're drunk with your buddies etc...), and a girl that I can see myself with in 10 years. O and also outgoing is a huge ++++, a big hoe is a huge-----. Don't flirt with every guy you meet, if you're in a relationship.


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  • Types of girls that turn me on...

    Motherly/wifey type

    Wild/party girls

    Rebellious girls

    Sporty/athletics girls

    Those artsy hipster girls

    Alpha females

    High class/sophisticated girls

    Geeky girls

    Hell, even 'feminists' turn me on

    Types of girls that turn me off...


    I can't think of any lol

  • i love your profile pic.

    that's all I'm here to say.


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