Guy drove me home when I didn't need it. Does this mean anything?

So here's the situation:

A group of friends were hanging out at one of our friend's house a few days ago. She doesn't live far from me, so I decided to walk there and it was only like a 10 minute walk.

The guy in question got there after I did and he asked me why my car wasn't there. I told him that I walked and he said that made him feel bad since he lives closer but in another direction.

At the end of the day, he offered to drive me home. I said I didn't need a ride and I was happy walking especially because the weather was so nice, and but he insisted and said it was no big deal so I let him drive me.

On the ride home he was very quiet and visibly uncomfortable. We made idle chit chat but he seemed weird. I don't know really what that meant, but he and I had never been alone together before that so he might have been uncomfortable for that reason but I don't know why he would be because he and I are pretty good friends.

There's always been something kind of weirdish between us, and I'm not sure myself whether I like him in a more-than-friends way or not. I have no idea if he thinks of me in that way but sometimes I think he does and sometimes I think he thinks I think of him in that way.

Did the car ride mean anything or am I way over-analyzing it or both?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nobody goes out of their way to take somebody home if they can walk, especially if you didn't ask him for a ride. If it was another man, he'd just have assumed that his male friend didn't want a ride, because he didn't ask. He went out of his way to do it, that means he likes you.


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  • I think the car ride did mean something. I wouldn't have had you not said he noticed your car wasn't there. That means he was being pretty observant of you. I think he likes you.

  • He probably meant to run you over but messed, and you thought he was offering you a ride. HA HA HA.


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