A girl showing me a heart smybol

so today a girl sent me a heart.. no cards or anything just a symbol a heart symbol by her hands

i wish it was that easy to just go and ask wassup but its not like that

before she was staring at me and when I finally decided to talk to her I couldn't I got her messenger id and she accepted me but she ignored me afterward she was just laughing every day and a friend of hers tried to talk to me but I refused Because I knew him before this and he made fun of me before

so what do you think is she making fun of me or does she like me? Because I don;t really think she could like me and besides I have a girlfriend and I love her but I just need to solve this puzzle


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  • I wouldn't care. Just look at her like she's a freak because you sir have no time for games. although that may not be true because you're trying to figure this out even though you have a girlfriend. either way...i think you should ask if you really wanna know.


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  • Ignore this chick.

  • you should not be bothered by that girl and her friend. keep ignoring her. just focus on your girlfriend.


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