Paranormal activity. Have ever something like that happened to you?

Personally I don't know if its paranormal but many times when I sleep I wake up and I can't talk and move also one time all the windows and doors in my house were closed and I felt something like a light wind and I instantly thought about my grand grand mother which is dead.

What about you?


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  • yes I have on many occasions:

    The school I currently in I walked into the library and I was trying to get out and I felt something pulling me back in.

    i went to the schools hostel/res/dorms and I was sitting waiting for a nurse and I felt 3 people who were there 81 years ago stand around me

    living with my grandparents in 2009 I was sitting writing a song about my dad's death and at the time I was still deeply depressed and then I looked to the bedroom door and I saw a tall dark grey man with glowing red eyes just staring at me for about 5 hours.

    i was still at my grandparents house when I phoned my boyfriend and I heard footstep so I put the phone down to go see if anyone was here and there was no one around at all

    i am still living at my grandparents house and I feel watched or stalked and frightened because I can sense and talk to ghosts, I help them cross over to the other side, yes I have been to the astral plane on numerous occasions and I have seen the white light and what is on the other side of the white light

    i still encounter them all the time, so I'm used to it luckily :)


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  • When I was around 8 or 9, my mother and I saw a ghost in our home. My mom was brushing my hair before school one morning and all of a sudden we saw a black cloud floating across the perimeter of my living room and down the hall into the bedrooms. It was really scary. The black cloud was translucent (which means we could see through it) and was floating above the ground about a foot. It was about 3 feet tall and two feet wide.

    Within the past year or so I've felt there was a spirit in my hallway outside of my room. I can tell she's a little girl, and she has a bad side to her but she's mostly nice. One day, my mom and I were in my bedroom and my mom said, "I have a weird feeling that someones watching me from over there," and pointed to the spot. We didn't think anything of it, and didn't tell anyone. A few months later, my little cousin said she saw a young girl looking in the mirror near the spot where my mom and I both felt something.

    What you are experiencing is called "Sleep Paralysis". People say it is a disruption of the REM sleep cycle in which the body can not move, but the brain is awake. I experience this, too. In times of extreme stress or a disturbed sleep pattern (i.e.: sleeping late one day, then waking up early, then going to bed at 4am.). It is EXTREMELY scary, and sometimes I feel it is more than just a disruption of a sleep cycle- sometimes I feel it's a demon.

    This was happening to me twice a week or more, for months. I would wake with a start, couldn't move my body, paralyzed.. then I'd feel something. A pressure on my leg or chest, and then I'd hear voices. After doing some research, I came to the conclusion I had to pray. I'm not a particularly religious person, but I realized when I asked "God's mighty warrior angels" to protect me in my sleep, the experiences didn't happen. I also realized if I prayed to my grandfather who passed away a few years ago, the paralyzed feeling went away.

    • When it first happen to me it scared the hell out of me I couldn't sleep for days.

      This year it happened to me every day especially when I had exams and in the begging I opened my eyes but one night I saw something black screaming at me so I decided to keep them closed.

      Then I found out that when it comes I should pray and it will go away.

      In the beginning that worked but later it didn't so I put a cross in my pillow and nothing it kept going.

      I had to learn to live with that and to find way

    • *ways to escape form this situation quickly and that's what I did.

      No every time that it comes I don't panic and I know what to do to escape.

  • I know some people are going to say this is just brainpower or sleep probut when I was younger I would have terrible dreams and wake up in nearly puddles of sweat if not that my shirt would be soaked from persiperation in my sleep.

    One night I woke up in the middle of my sleep from a bad dream,and I looked around and saw no one in the bed with me as I normally slept with my mom alongside me, the light was off in the room but there was light coming in through the crack of the door from the hall to where I could see enough. I didn't like being in the room with the light off as it is, and esp. without my mom.

    In situations like this I never even wanted to move so I figured I would call for my mom, I open my mouth, nothing audible comes out, I do it I look on the wall where the light is shedding at, and there is this wiggly bodly like figure with two bunny ears ( no where near a d*** Easter, lol, I actually had to draw this for my family because I was so overwhelmed with it).

    Mind you there are nothing coming from the hall or in the hall that looked like I begin to scream..nothing...and I remember telling me to call Jesus's name when I felt time I screamed Jesus as I screamed his name my vocalization broke through half-way calling his name instantly and I was 'loud'.

    My mom came to the room after hearing this and I explained all to her...and that figure was gone...ann that was not a person, as my older siblings were in their rooms the whole time and my mom was in the kitchen. After I drew the figure for them, my siblings teased me and would often scare taunt me with it but yet they wanted me to throw away the drawing.

  • My dad told me we went back to his country when I was four and I spent a few hours in this one room all the way in the back of my grandfather's house. I was apparently talking and laughing the whole time, and when they called me down for lunch, I told them I was talking to Licha. Everybody freaked out because I described her perfectly, and said things I couldn't possibly know because nobody ever mentioned her, what she did for a living, and I couldn't grasp all the information I spit out because I was way too young. She lived and died in that room, it was her room, and she had died like 6 years before I was born I think.

    Another weird thing was sleeping over my aunt's house. I had slept over her house every other weekend since I was born until I was maybe 12. Sometimes I would see a figure standing in the doorway when I would sleep and my cousins would tell me to just go to sleep and that I was imagining things. I could see eyes sometimes looking at me, and someone whispering in my ear, heavy breathing, etc. I would sometimes see the dark figure walking in the hallways when I went to the bathroom or kitchen late at night. Over time, I learned to run so that I could get reach the lights in the hallway as fast as possible and it would bug the crap out of my cousins, aunt, and uncle because the floors were very squeaky. I also learned to close all doors before I went to sleep so I couldn't see the hallway. Everyone denied that they saw the entity, and that I was just imagining things. About 3 or 4 years ago, I was joking around about that "ghost" and my aunt and uncle told me the truth: A man committed suicide or died in that apartment, (I don't remember which one it was, I think it was suicide) like 20-30something years ago right before she moved into the apartment. As a result, the rent was so low because nobody wanted to rent it out. She was broke at the time, and moved in, and everyone in the apartment (uncle, three cousins, her) had seen the exact same ghost and experienced the same things as me, but never told me when I was young because they didn't want to scare me.

    Yeah, I believe in ghosts. LOL.

    • These types of stories often come from foreign countries and the people who reside there and immigrate somewhere else. Let me guess, the country you went to was a third world country where many of the people are not well educated (perhaps many are even illiterate or in poverty)

      Keep in mind that you were too young to remember the incident or every detail of it, and furthermore over time the details of the story fade so your dad probably "filled in the holes" to make the story better.

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    • @john, I know you're trying to make sense of it. Trust me, I am the most rational of rationals and this even bugs the hell out of me. About the foreign country story, no, they never told me about her or what she looked like, they didn't even have pictures on the walls that I could reference off of. My grandfather was a doctor, so he was pretty smart, and when I told him that I saw her, a red flag came up and he didn't give me any information about her, he just asked me to describe her.

    • Everyone in the house said to me, "I wish it wasn't true, but everything that happened that night seriously happened, and it scared the sh*t out of us." They didn't tell me any details, I described her perfectly. They also said I told them about incidents that happened way before I was even born, like about the time she took my grandfather to the zoo and the monkey started chasing him.

  • When I was younger, my parents had taken me out to the cemetery of one of my dad's fallen comrades. I was running around in the cemetery waiting for my parents to catch up and I saw a man standing over this grave and he said that the guy I was looking for was right here. When my parents came over I told them that I found him with the help of this man. There was no one standing there and he disappeared. I described to my parents what he looked like and he fit the description of my dad's fallen comrade.
    Throughout my childhood though, I could always see and feel ghosts. I still can, but I try to ignore it.
    Just a few days ago, I saw a hand of a woman in the hallway and saw the figure walk through my door. It scared me so badly and i felt threatened that I screamed for my mom and dad. Needless to say, I slept with my parents that night because I refused to go back in my room.
    Then last night, my grandmother, she died in July of last year, was sitting on the side of my bed just watching over me while I slept. I cried and I told her that I love her and miss her. She visits me in my dreams a whole lot and she takes me to where she is at and I spend some quality time with my ma.

  • My mother has sleep paralysis. It's a condition that you might possibly have as well...where you are conscious, but you can't open your eyes, or move. The only thing you can do to let someone know this is happening to you is to breathe faster, so someone near can wake you up, or wait it out. You we're probably just seeing images as you were half asleep, while in sleep paralysis? Who knows! You should google it and read about it!

  • No, I've never encountered such situations. My friends and their parents have. The name they have your your description is that the devil is riding you. It doesn't mean it's bad all the time and usually they refer to a relative who has passed on recently but they say the devil catches on in the end causing the paralysis.

    • Can you elaborate a little more? I experience this too and I'm intrigued what they mean about the "devil riding me" and what about my relative who has passed on recently?

    • Supposedly, your love one is trying to tell you something, either good or bad, and as they are talking to you they are opening the spirit world to other demons and most commonly, the devil or a witch, finds that opening and comes in a chases off the other spirits and "rides" you holding you down, making it where you can speak or move to get help.

  • i have had some stuff happen to be the most recently was like a year ago I took a picture of myself in my room an it was pretty dark cause it was in the evening, and on the wall next to me there was a womans face, I didn't have any mirrors or pictures on the wall that could reflect and make it look like a womans face it was just a naked matte wall, freaked me out but I have hread a lot worse thing then those that has happened to me.

    • I also saw jesus on my toast this morning :) You see what you want to see... sorry to ruin your story not trying to be mean.

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    • Why not post the picture for us to see? I mean it's not like a camera lens might screw up the photo in dark room when it's setting haven't been changed to take pictures in dark. Again I"m very sorry to try to give a reasonable explanation for this, I know it's more fun/interesting to believe something weird is going on, I really am sorry, not being sarcastic.

    • i removed the picture cause it freaked me out, and normally I wouldn't believe it but things has happen in my room before

  • not being able to move, speak and then see stuff

    I've heard can be sleep paralysis(and is the main cause for supposed ghost/alien abduction stories)

    I've never had one, I find ghosts unlikely but they might exist

  • i got my hair pulled.

    my sisters hear whispers.

    sh*t falls for no reason.

    Grand mother *who is dead. or *whom, those two always confuse me.

    What you're experiencing is sleep paralysis.

  • Well, when as about 5, a little boy crawled under my bed. It was a black shadow.

    And after that, I started 'talking to the devil' in my parents bathroom.

    I was 5 and at that time, I knew nothing about the devil.

    And then I stopped talking to him because he said my father was a a bad man. I got mad and stopped talking to him.

    and it turns out my father is a bad guy. So, obviously the devil was trying to manipulate me.

    Im not even lying. I'm dead serious.

    Im not a crazy satanist though. Never have been.

    Im a christian. But when I actually think about the fact that the devil talked to me when I was little, terrifies me. In every house my family's lived in since then, I've had experiences.

    • Ah, that is reallllly scary... !

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    • This man is adjusting stories as if he were really there, if it's real, it's real, if it's not then it's a fake...stories can become quite exaggerated overtime, and you might figure that because someone was younger there are gaps missing, only the person who experienced it could know what happened.

      Let me tell you a story about your'self' came on here rearranging folks experiences, not having proof, we told you how unappeasing it was and then, poof...(in other words)

      Sit your a** down.

  • Yeah I hung out with Ke$ha and we had an orgy with ghosts.


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