I just don't meet the right guys, what am I doing wrong?

I meet/see a lot of guys but never anyone I'd want to progress anything further other than a hello.

I'm not waiting for someone perfect just someone I click with and have chemistry with.

So how do I meet the right guy? And why aren't I meeting the right guys?

When I go out they guys that do show interest don't really hold my interest and vice versa :(, help!


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  • What type of girl are you? What type of guys are showing interest that you're not interested in? What type of guy would you like to show more interest?

    Give me plenty of details, and I'll give you better advice.

    • I can be introvert around people I don't know and extrovert around people I do know. My confidence varies but around guys I like I close off out of fear of rejection.

      Guys that are sleazy, pervy and arrogant that look at girls for mostly superficial reasons, seem to approach me.

      I would like a professional, educated, mannered guy to show interest but for some reason those guys are usually shy and don't ever approach you.

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    • Thanks :-)

    • You're welcome. Glad to be of service.

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  • Just to be clear, you don't speak, and are disappointed that you are only approached by guys interested in your appearance.

    Why else would anyone approach someone who doesn't speak?

    • Don't speak how?

      I speak to anyone who does speak to me.

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    • That sounds like a contradiction 'aggressive gentlemen?' What's one of those?

    • Sorry ran out of room. Traditional gentlemen were simply well mannered. Since traditional manners aren't what most women want now, men who in the past would have beenore gentlemanly are now more overtly sexual

      Men who act the way you think you want are probably either shy - and approach very few women - or have low sex drives. Those men - also- approach very few women.

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