Is this a suitable birthday present for my boyfriend?

So my boyfriend of a bit over two years has a birthday coming up and mid November. (I know its early but preparation is never time wasted in my book and besides he's in college at Howard in DC and I'm at college in Florida so I need to plan ahead).

I was thinking about getting him some really nice quality shirts (I'm looking at some from Abercrombie and Fitch. I'm not a snoot, I just like good quality winter clothes that last and theirs do and I get good discounts from them anyways so I usually get their henleys and sweaters around 20-35 bucks each) for the winter, (he's Caribbean and he DOES NOT LIKE THE COLD AT ALL!) some balloons and a really nice card with a personal note from me, all delivered to his dorm room. I know the card seems corny but I want to give him something tangible that means something. Is this a good birthday present or what!? guys and girls say whatever I'm open to suggestions. I just care for him a lot and I know he knows that, but sweet gestures are my specialty and he's a wonderful fun-loving and caring person. So what do you guys think?!


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  • Nice touch, put your favorite perfume on the shirt so when he wears it he thinks of you. Make sure it is wrapped in tissue paper in the box.

    Good luck.


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  • Do what YOU think

    You know him more than what we do

    and if he doesn't like it (which I'm pretty sure he will) it's the thought that counts

    It sounds like a great idea anyway :)


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