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My best friend, that I have known for 5/6 years, I kind of like him, but there is sort of a problem. A couple of girls (that I see in school), one who flirts by touching (rubbing his back) him and acts all nice around him and me if I'm around but she mainly does it to everyone when she already is dating someone else [her Facebook status says Relationship: Married "name"] yet the other one is what he calls someone "he really hates" yet he hangs with her while she also tries to flirt with him, but I don't thinks he notices. He might still have a girlfriend but I don't know! Okay, Situation #1) he wants me to see a movie with him, but then when I asked when he said "I have to see it 1st with "other girl.. He hates" me: why? Him: because we being talking about it for a while and you are focused on your school work more." me: "not true, I watch TV and do my homework at the same time" him: "what do you watch?" me: "..Example.." him: "oh! :)"

Situation #2: During class (no one was listening), he said "I love you".. with somewhat wide smile.. then he continued "I don't know why I said that!" with a big kind of shy smile. I replied "Thanks" with a uncertain blushful smile! Normally he says I love you a lot in German however that been slowing down a lot and putting smiles at the end of some texts! Although when he says "I love you" I don't recognize the difference between friendlily way or lovely love?

Please help with what he means by both these situations! :)


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  • Well, generally guys my age don't use the "L Bomb" unless they mean it romantically, simply for fear of misinterpretation. He might have stopped saying it so much because he thought you were feeling he was coming on too strong. I can't think of a reason that he'd go to the movies with a girl he hates; I certainly wouldn't. He definitely likes you, maybe he's just feeling discouraged. If you want him to ask you out properly, start encouraging him more.

    • How should I encourage him more? I buy him a lot of presents usually just to let him know I was thinking about him.. I don't know if that helps, plus I do help him with school work!

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    • Well, honestly; I'm not a wealth of knowledge when it comes to flirting. I just kind of do what comes naturally. If I feel like touching I do, but I start small. I guess I don't know what you should say because I'm kind of someone who just speaks the same to everyone. Even when I don't like a girl ill say she's cute if I think so.

    • Thanks! :) I am the same way with flirting and stuff, too! Yet, my emotions change to who I like to whom I don't like, but I still act nice to everyone even if they are mean to me!

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