What does this mean? I'm growing apart from my boyfriend

We've been together for nearly one year and a half and we've had ups and downs... but things have changed. Of course, things change, but I feel it's changed in a bad direction.

We used to be so physically attracted to each other, and I still am, but somehow our behavior is duller, not as passionate. We have sex less often (much less often). We see each other once or twice a week, and even that feels like it's some kind of routine. I hate feeling like we're stuck. I am spontaneous, I like talking to him, but lately, even Whatsapp conversations are boring or short on his side.

Would a time apart be healthy? Not talking about a separation or break up, just "I'll see you in a couple of weeks".


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  • You guys have slipped into the comfortable phase.

    With the seeing each other twice a week seeming like a routine, it's normal as both people begin to understand that you still have your own life to tend to, I mean it's not like you two are married.

    Anyhow, space is good. If you're always in someone's face what is there to talk about you would have both experienced everything together, there will be nothing new. I know the feeling though.

    Time apart is definitely in order for situations like this, and often it tests the endurance of both people in the relationship, your heart is either going to grow fonder of one another or someone's going to wander away, and that's fine, at least you will know if it was real to begin with.

    Things might feel quite drab now, and of course there are going to be arguments and disagreements, you're individuals but it's all about how you two compromise to find a solution, nothing to worry about. It will either be or won't be.


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