Is it just me or is he creepy?

So I'm 16 and over the summer, I went to visit my friend and she introduced me to one of her neighbor's who's like 23. He seemed nice and normal at first and then he asked for my number. I don't know, but his texts annoy me so much. In every conversation we have, he always asks me to send him a picture of myself. Like today he was like, "I want to see you in a mini skirt and heels. Send me a pic." and I was like, "Sorry, I'm too lazy." and he was like, "So are you going to send it or not?" Like um, did he read my damn text..? And this one time, he was like, "If I were there, you'd be the only girl I'd want to go to homecoming with." I'd honestly rather die than go with him. And he also calls me 'perfect' or 'beautiful' all the time and I know some people might be flattered but it creeps me out. I mean, if the guy I like texted me saying, "Good morning, beautiful" then I'd really like it. But I don't like him and plus he has really bad grammar and punctuation. He doesn't even know how to spell my name. He literally spells it like "Raychel" like what the heck kind of spelling is that?.. I'm sorry if I sound like a brat, but it makes me sick talking to him. Does he sound creepy to anyone else? Should I ignore his texts or maybe I should just tell him that he's a creeper..?


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  • Being 16 is a nasty age. He knows that girls are very stupid and super horny at this age. Tell me if I am wrong.

    Use God. God turns a lot of people off. That is the purpose of God to protect and defend. Ask him where he goes to church, photos of his baptism and proof of baptism. Tell him you are saving your self for marriage. Have him send you proof chapter and verse on lust and to describe it in email. The thins a guy like this are afraid of in order are God, a loving father, authority. He and all life forms are like weeds. A father telling him to go is like pulling the leaves off a weed, they grow back. Having an authority figure speak and act upon him is like hitting a weed with a weed eater, the weed grows back stronger. Bring God into the picture is killing the weed from the root. Have him explain "and eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" which means do not cut off a man's hand because he is hungry, feed him. Have him explain "woman was made from the rib of Adam" which does not mean God took a pork chop from man and made a girl. The rib is the main support beam of any structure. God took man's main support system and placed it into woman, so that the need for woman would be great.

    Define yourself. Let him know you are not a girl but a young woman, worthy of respect and important to God. Ask him is views on tattoos. If he has or like a tattoo's it displays a relationship with a evil spirit called "everybody". Replace the word Everybody with "The Devil" and you have the correct meaning. Like, everybody has a tattoo, The Devil has a tattoo. Everybody is going to be there, The Devil is going to be there. Everybody thinks, The devil Thinks, You catch me.

    Tell your father and it will end today. The way you describe him, he know you don't have a father to turn to. So walk up to a cop and ask their advice.

    If you were my little sister, I would tell him to go to hell in such a way that he would look forward to the trip.

    He is a predator. By going to the cops they will take his information. The USA is full of weirdo's, perverts and sexual deviants but that is normal for the USA. What is of major concern to me is he is 23 and has bad grammar, did not try to spell your name correctly. What this says is that he is not focused on you the person, he wants your body. The fact that he does not see you makes him very dangerous.

    let me tell you a story. I am hanging with some guys talking about a project and there was a stupid guy wanting into the conversation. We politely talked around him. After about 20 minutes he steps into to me with a question. " yous thinks Izs ignant? I answered him correctly and said "no", He said alright and went about his way. When the guys asked me why I didn't tell him the truth. I said I did. I did not have to think he was ignant, I knew he was.

    I bet you a quarter that he has a police record.

    Hope I helped and good luck.

    • Thanks, I mean I don't believe in God or anything but I like your answer. He lives pretty far away so I don't think I need to call the cops. I'll just ignore him or tell my friend to tell him to stop texting me, haha

    • Amen to that!

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  • He sounds like an idiot who thinks he can take advantage of you, because he's older, thinking that will make you feel immature... that kind of thing.

  • wow.definitely creepy...avoid at all cost!

  • Hun that's a MEGA WARNING SIGN: creeper on the prowl! 23 year old chasing after a 16 year old, trust me he just wants in your pants. Stop talking to the guy, he's a loser and a waste of time.

    • Haha, you're definitely right. I'm just going to ignore him from now on.

    • My cousin had this happen to her before. Dude was 22. She's only 16, soon to be 17. I told her to avoid the dude at all costs, he's potentially dangerous.

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