My dad hit me really hard. What should I do? please help me.

yesterday my dad hit me really hard because I told my grandpa that my mum is really tired & sick of her life ,I swear I didn't mean him at all when I was talking to my grandpa & I don't know how or why did he take it that way ,anyway as soon as my grandpa left he hit me and when my mother came to defend me he hit her too,the way he was hitting me was like he was hitting his enemy I was barely breathing for two hours .I ran to my grandpa but he didn't do anything ,I have to take an action or else he would hit me everyday (I know you would think that I'm exaggerating and that that doesn't mean that he would hit me everyday but he hit me the day before yesterday & I didn't do anything about it then he hit me yesterday so I guess you know what's next) what should I do?

I really need your help ,I don't wanna get hit everyday ,please help


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  • If you can't go to the police then take advantage of your friends and their parents. Spend time at their houses whenever possible (or the library or such) and let their parents know what's going on. You'd be surprised how supportive they can be without getting the authorities involved. They may even let you stay with them for a while


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  • Man up, my dad beat the sh*t out of me when I was a kid its called tough love.

    • Actually it is called abuse if it is repeated.

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    • haven't you ever heard about children phsycology ?

    • haven't you ever heard about the baby boomers ?

  • I'd talk to your mother and ask her for advice, or your grandpa. You might consider going to your grandpas and refusing to come back home until yoour dad gets counseling for his behavior.

  • you should consult an elderly person or maybe the police because if he keeps hitting you like this and your mum tries to intervene and he hits her too, then there would be a day when he would hit the both of you so hard, you might have a disorder or maybe death( because you just said you couldn't breathe for two hours)..

    if you can also move out of the house, please do, or seek a family doctor to check if he has some issues that's bothering him or if there's something he's angry about...

  • Go to the Police with your mother, and file a complaint for domestic violence.

    Even if there are issues in your family, violence is absolutely unacceptable. I am sure being held by two officers and brought to the station will freshen up his mind.

    • my mother would never do this to my father ,but thanks a lot I would go alone if I had to

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