How do I stop picking at my lips out of stress?

I had that really bad habit when I was little to pick at lips a lot. The drier they get, the more dead skin I have so I'm likely to damage my lips further more on a daily basis when I'm stressed out. I want baby smooth lips, not bleedy ones. Any ideas?

P.S. If you've got any really good lip balm to recommend, please do! :)


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  • I have a similar problem but I pick facial imperfections, such as pimples. I have had this problem for a long time and it really creates self-esteem problems for me.

    I started wearing makeup everyday and made sure that I washed it off at night.

    For some reason wearing makeup made me pick less because I didn't want to mess up my makeup. Maybe try wearing lipstick, or if you can handle it cut your nails RIGHT DOWN so you can't get ahold of the dry skin.

    Also a little tip of getting rid of dry skin on the lips, exfoliate... and no not with St. Ives apricot scrub.

    Mix sugar and a little bit of olive oil, it should look like a thick paste, exfoliate your lips with this once every-other day, wash off and then leave a little olive oil on your lips before bed.

    Keep moisturized during the day with nivea lip-balm [the blue tube] it works great.

    ALSO, keep hydrated..drink lots of water.

    Hope this helps hun, good luck.

    • Wow that's what I call GREAT advice! Thanks a lot :) I'll definitely try that scrub. I have a lush sugar scrub already but I never use it because it's too gritty and messy to use. Wearing lipstick or gloss could definitely work too! I don't usually wear those because I find them annoying to reapply but eh, if that keeps me from reapplying lipbalm every half hour, I'm in. Thanks again sweetie :)

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