What makes a 33 year old guy lead on a perfectly decent 22 year old girl?

What makes a guy lead on a girl who's nice, has never done anything wrong to him, seems to have common sense as well as some brains...?

Why would he keep texting, flirting and asking her out without ever following up. Seriously why bother if you're not even going to get her to sleep with you? Is it the thrill of making a girl fall for you and then standing her up?

Please enlighten me on the psychological issues this male individual might have...!

(Btw, yes, the girl's me... YAY!)


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  • he probably likes your attention but either has a girlfriend maybe even a wife, or is dating many other women. He likes that you are young and finds this attractive but you are too young for him to take you seriously. he is probably insecure and likes the attention/feels good having you around. I was and sort of still am in a similar situation. well we did go out together a lot and he would have had sex with me but I am the one who didn't let..we did some physical stuff though. I am still trying to get over it.

    how do you know he won't let you have sex?

    • I know he's single, he lives with his mother actually.

      Once he complained in front of me that 'girls never go to him, no one wants him.' (wtf?!)

      Yet he also boasts about having had plenty of flings.

      I know he won't let me have sex (or that he doesn't seem to want to have sex with me)

      because whenever I ask him out he never bothers confirming and ALWAYS stands me up.

      Have I just met a huge, unbeliavable, and deluded LOSER?

    • yeah you have. my guy is not like that.

    • well, I really don't know which one of us got the best deal...!

      I'm sorry about the way things have turned out for you.

      at least you didn't have sexual intercourse with him, that would have made it a lot worse.

      hope you meet someone new (and decent!) soon! :)

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  • Men can be just as big of attention-seekers as women. He likes the feeling it gives him to have you to talk to when he wants. As for not following through? He may very well have a girlfriend he's hiding.

  • Older guys always go for younger girls, not necessarily a good thing, I find it disgusting


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