Why can't I do math?

I am a bright girl. I am good at every other areas except math. why can't I do it. It frustrates me cause I spend most of my time on it and I just can't get it.

I don't know how to explain it, when I try figuring out the problems it feels like I my brain is covered by fog even my head hurt and I lose all focus. Questions literally dance in front of me

yet I am excellent in all other areas. I am so annoyed man cause its killing me


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  • I'm actually the polar opposite. I love math. It's what I'm all about. Every other subject in school I'm awful at it. Yet it's SO logical, all you have to do is solve for x. They don't care how you do it, just show your work, and if you have the EXACT same number as the answer you get full credit! I love it. However, if it's something like psychology of gender (a class I had last semester), I'd rather put a bullet through my head than to try to understand it. One of the questions I remember one of those tests was "at what age does a baby first open it's eyes?"... I had NO clue and it didn't say ANYTHING like that in our text. The whole coarse was a nightmare for me. There weren't any DEFINITE answers, that's what really pissed me off.

    Now my current favorite subject is Calculus III, I find it fun. It's a bit challenging, but that's the whole point. Its like a puzzle. I enjoy math so much.

    Anyway, to the whole reason why I'm answering your question, If you need ANY kind of advise or a section in math where you could use better explanations or how to do a problem, let me know, I'd be glad to help.

    I tutor precalculus for a part time job, and it's something I enjoy.

    • lol Oh gosh.I hate Calculus to my core... I am like gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah this is a friggin new language!

    • Just keep in mind, math ALWAYS has you do things the hard way first. Then it gets easier as time goes by. That's how every math class is. The very first part of calculus was THE WORST time of my life, no kidding I thought I'd fail the coarse. Stick with it, and it gets easier. Trust me. Send me a message if you have any questions.

    • sent you a request

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  • Perhaps you are a very "visual person." And if so, sometimes if you can't visualize the problems that can be a problem. One of the smartest people I know had trouble with math for that very reason. She found a tutor that helped her learn how to visual problems and she did much better.

    That may not be your issue, but something to think about.

    • Yea I am very visual. I think about the big picture and not formulas. I also have to know why I am doing something or I will never get it but I notice with math no one can explain why, you are just told to apply formulas in sequences and have no clue why you are doing it

    • I would strongly recommend trying to find a tutor. Math is logical so there are reasons for what you do everything. A lot of people learn by rote... you sound like you need to learn the theory. THAT SAID... you need to get to the point where you can "See" the problem (and parts of the broader problem) so that you can then apply the formulas. For instance, 5 x 5 = 25. You don't need to think about the fact that that is 5 sets of 5, you just know it. You need someone to help you get there...

  • Math is a hard subject for many people. If possible, I recommend making a buddy who is solid in that subject, or see if tutoring assistance is available.

  • You should try looking at the problems differently. Link it to something you enjoy and/or find simple


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