Computer mouse and keyboard stopped working?

My computer keyboard and mouse stopped while working on computer, this problem occurred 7 days ago now daily basis I am facing this problem after restart problem resolved but few minutes later again same problem any suggestion?
i am using ps/2 keyboard and mouse.


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  • Is it a wireless mouse and keyboard? Might be time to change the batteries.

    • ps 2 keyboard and mouse I am using

    • put your mouse and keyboard with a USB extension very cheap and worth a try

  • Since the mouse and keyboard works, it means the problem is not with the mouse and keyboard itself. Try to unplug it and plug it in again when it stops working. If you can find another mouse/keyboard you can plug it in and try. At the same time you can check the setting of mouse/keyboard in control panel.

    • i have done all things but still problem

    • If you use another mouse and the problem still exist, it means the problem is with the computer. Try reinstalling the driver.

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