I'm so scared that I might lose him?

I like him so much and he likes me too. We're not dating but I think we're getting there. He's so sweet and I swear I'm in love with him! I recently got braces and I think I lost all my charm.. :( I feel so ugly at times and I don't understand why he'll still like me.. There are so many girls out there and what if he likes another girl that's prettier, smarter and more fun than me? I would be so sad if he likes another girl... It's just that recently, I can't see anything that's good in me. I feel so ugly and fat and I don't want to lose him but I can't do anything about it.. What should I do? :'( Thanks for the help.


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  • I used to love girls with braces. I say use to because those days are way behind me now. My point is girls with braces actually turn guys on and that's a given fact. If he likes you in the first place you getting braces isn't going to change his mind one bit. He will love your braces watch and see. Don't be so down on yourself.

    • ok I hope you're right.. :/

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