What is he doing and what would be the reason?

My ex contacts me after months after a really bad breakup, being the nice person that I am I responded hoping once and for all to make peace. Now that peace has been made. I told him that I don't turn ex's into friends and yet he still wants to communicate. What would be the reason?
  • He wants to be more than friends
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  • He wants to be my friend
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  • Boredom
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  • Because he really wants to be friends or wants you back. He might feel bad for the break up or how things went and wants to be friends, trying to change your mind.

    We can't know that, we can only guess. Or it could be boredom. Or it could be that he wants to be more than friends. For all we know, aliens stole his phone and texted you.

    Last example to show you we really can't know. Only he knows, so when he texts again, just ask him: "hey, why do you keep on texting actually? just wondering"


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  • I think you need to stop being nice to him and just drop contact. Block his number if it gets out of hand.

    You don't want to be friends so there is no reason to talk to him. If you stay friends, you'll just end up fighting over why you broke up. Only other thing besides wanting to get back together would be for a hook up.

  • He wants to be more than friends, and by that I mean he wants to be f*** buddies.

  • It could be both A and B. He might not understand why you agreed to keep the peace but not be friend or he could be trying to peak your interest in being f*ck buddies since you can't be friends with benefits.


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