What are some of your favorite healthy recipes to make?

Particular healthy ones but am happy to hear some of you're favorite. Meals and explain EXACTLY how you make it
if a picture exists of it. I would also appreciate if you can post


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  • baba ganoush (very simple):cut an eggplant in half,bake it in the oven until it's soft on the inside,and the skin on top is browned. let it cool,blend it,add olive oil if needed,and seasonings (whatever you want,i add salt and sesame seeds) and use it as a dip,spread-whatever. also,something similar is ajvar,but much more delicious,tho,it takes a long time to make,so it's easier to just buy it.

    tofu chips (again,simple):drain tofu,cut it in thin slices (not too thin,so you can flip it easily),if you want,you can keep it in salt water first,it helps with the crust,but salt isn't exactly healthy-recipe friendly,and just fry it in a pan,with some olive oil ( I use a pancake pan,so very little oil is needed)

    it's a good potato chip replacement

    baked banana with walnut-coconut pate: cut a banana in half,put it in the oven (I bake it for 30 minutes at 220,but it depends on how you like it) and then cover it with this:blend walnuts,coconut shreds and some pumpkin seed oil

    but,the best thing to do is to keep your diet as full of whole foods as possible,don't get into the mentality that everything needs to be cooked to be a meal,focus on mainly eating simple,fresh produce.


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  • Marinara with Garlic,Onion, and Basil

    put a big pot of well salted water on for pasta cooking

    put a skillet on medium heat, add maybe 2 tbsp. of EV olive oil

    thin slice onion, put in skillet and lightly salt to make it soften as it cooks. peel and mince 3 or 4 cloves of fresh garlic, add to skillet when onions are going transparent, careful to not singe the garlic. crack plenty of fresh black pepper into skillet so the house smells like heaven as it cooks.

    water should be boiling, so throw a quarter pound of pasta in it. cook it one minute less than the package instructions for al dente pasta.

    as pasta cooks, add 4-5 ounces of NO SALT tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes to skillet, bring to simmer. Right before pasta is a minute shy of al dente, tear up a small handful of fresh sweet basil leaves into the tomato sauce. Dip out 2-3 oz. of pasta cook water and stir it into tomato sauce mixture. When time is up on pasta, remove it from water and place in sauce skillet, do not drain or rinse it. Toss pasta well in sauce.and let the final minute of cooking be in the sauce, not the water.

    Grate on fresh parmesan cheese, crack on black pepper, and have a feast. total prep time is twenty minutes or less, and it's amazing and nearly fat free.

    You're welcome LOL

  • (4portions)

    400 g chicken

    100 g smoked ham

    1 ½ tbsp liquid margarine

    1 ½ cups chicken broth (water + stock cube)

    1 cup (50 g) dried apricots

    1 tablespoon (20 g) black currant jelly

    1 tbsp corn flour + water

    20 pieces (40 g) jam bulbs

    salt, white pepper

    2 tbsp (5 g) parsley, finely chopped

    Do this

    Add the apricots soak in some warm water.

    Shred the chicken fillets and smoked ham.

    Let the apricots drain easily and share them in half.

    Brown the chicken fillets in half the margarine in a skillet over medium heat and season with salt and white pepper.

    Place them in a pot and add water, stock cube, black currant jelly and apricots.

    Brown the ham in the rest of the margarine and add it into the pot.

    Let the pot simmer about 10 minutes.

    Mix the corn flour with the water to form a smooth finishes.

    Add mittee stirring and let the pot just to boil.

    Add the onion jam.

    Season to taste and sprinkle with parsley.

    • woah that's a lot theere to potentially mess up lol

  • What I will be having today is a baked potato with salsa.


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