Why are Arthurian legends studied by scholars?

Doing a English assignment and a question asked is why are Arthurian Legends studied by scholars. I can't seem to find any websites or books that have quotes from scholars or even why they are studied. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Athurian legends are studied by scholars because of the Illiad,

    Let me explain. The Illiad is about the Trojan War. For a long time, people wondered if the city of Troy even existed.

    Until one scholar used the Illiad to find it's ruins.

    Thus, many scholars hope the the Athurian legends could be used to find Camelot, or perhaps where King Arthur was buried, or even who King Arthur was.

    Keep in mind though, there are effectively three sets of Arthurian legends.

    The first deals with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It tells about King Arthur and his knights doing heroic deeds.

    The second set was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 12th Century. It was called Historia Regum Britanniae and introduces a lot of the Arthurian ideas that people associate with King Arthur. There is much debate on what was just made up and what he based on actual history. (Which assumes that the first set was based on anything.)

    The third set was written by Chrétien de Troyes, a French writer. This introduced Lancelot and the Holy Grail. Some believe the Lancelot may have come from other tales and was simply incorporated into the Arthurian Legends. (Think of it like a crossover between two different comic books.)

    As to where you should start researching, I'd suggest Wikipedia. It will have links to various sites that you can use. (Which may also have links.)


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  • Le Morte d'Arthur is a really old book. But it was compiled from even older legends which may have some sort of founding in history. So my guess is the age is a big part of it. Not to many books that are that old, and most of them that are are extensively studied (Beowulf and Canterbury tales for example.)

    • I thought that as well but I think I need a more thorough answer. I'm guessing there is a big reason but I can't seem to find anything, also do you know of any sites that may have quotes from scholars on what they have said about the stories?

  • As an historian, I can't say that I've encountered many scholars of history studying Arthurian Legends, other than to establish or refute existing stories. I suspect that scholars interested in Arthurian Legends would tend to be more students of literature or English Language scholars.

  • Uh... That's a really bizarre question. All legends are studied by scholars. Try to get off writing a study of the Semantics of a scholar? 'To explore the motivations of the scholars who study Arthurian Legends, we must first explore what it means to be a scholar...'

    • Haha I know, its part of my English and I can't seem to find anything about the studies of the legends. I just need to find a site that has scholars giving quotes about the work and why it is studied.

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    • Ill give it a go, thanks again!

    • You're welcome =] When you find out let me know what they meant by that question? I'm curious

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