Does she like my crush..? Please help!!!

I have this new friend who I'm not entirely sure about but I like her personality and she's fun to talk to. She told me a couple weeks ago that me and this guy I sat with on the bus were cute together, that there was definitely "chemistry" and that the only way to make our feelings for each other more obvious would be if we had made out...

I was completely caught off guard and have only thought of this guy as a friend until she said something. So I decided to do a little investigating and see if maybe he could possibly be my next boyfriend. I asked him to come over and watch movies with me. He's supposed to be coming over next Friday after our mentoring program...

Now my friend used to say that me and this guy were brother and sister ALL last year and out of no where decided that me and him are now boyfriend and girlfriend. She teases me constantly saying things like, "I know where your boyfriend lives, I'll give you his address so you guys can muah muah ;)" and "Where's your boyfriend? How come he's not on the bus?" I correct her every time by saying,"He is NOT my boyfriend and I don't know where he is..."

Last weekend I got a group together to go to the movies, the guy and my friend of course were a part of it. Before we went she had asked me what guys are going because she needs to sit next to a guy during a scary movie. There were two guys going and she said she was going to sit next to the guy she so desperately wants me to be with... I didn't like that so I talked her into sitting next to the other guy because it would be funny to see him scream and jump. She agreed. We had 3 separate cars take us to the movies and she ended up in the car with all of my friends which means she was with him... When they got out of the car and went into the theater I noticed that she was wearing his sweater... THEN after the movie she was asking me for his number.. Once again I made up excuses... Eventually, she gave up.

She's been VERY adamant on me going out with this guy... but at the same time she seems to be working REALLY hard to get his attention... I have a theory that she was just seeing if I had dibs on him because I've known him longer and I have a closer relationship with him than she does... But I'm not sure. I asked her straight up if she had a crush on him and wanted to get with him. I told her that I could "hook a sista up" but she just said, "Ewwwww, no! That's your guy!"

So I'm just REALLY confused. He's not flirting with her or anything like that, she's the one who initiates ALL contact. So it's not like she's just trying to fight off his advances or anything like that... I'm just really confused.. Do any of you experience with a situation like this? I don't want to over react.


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  • Yeah I'd be aware of her intentions and be careful from anything and make it clear to your boyfriend that you don't trust her,

    • Well, he's not my boyfriend.. That's the thing. I'm not the jealous type or anything like that, I was just wondering if it was all in my head or if it's real..

    • No it's not just in your head she does seem to have an Attraction to him.

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