I have been having mild panic attacks, which I think are caused by my first big one. Could counciling help?

When I was about 17 I has marijuana with friends every now and then. One time at a party, I had more than usual. This lead to a panic attack where I was convinced I was dying.

I was a bit traumatized after that and even seeing a picture of a leaf that looked like marijuana scared me.

I am now 24 and for the last few years I have been waking up with pins and needles all over my body, which reminds me of the panic attack and scares me. I think I am waking up with a mild anxiety attack that leads to the pins and needles.

I know all of this was really stupid. I completely regret having the marijuana, it's a disgusting thing and has ruined me.

I don't like the idea of anti-depressants because of all their side effects so have started taking St. John's Wort to see if that will help. However, I am considering counseling but am unsure of how this could help.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you in advance.


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  • I doubt these attacks relate that closely to the marijuana episode. The sooner you talk with a professional, the quicker you can overcome them by finding their root cause. Don't delay, these symptoms will oly get worse.


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  • clean up your adrenals.

  • My panic attacks started the EXACT SAME WAY. Well almost, I got scared the first time, but after that I enjoyed it for a year. Then I got another and after that I got one randomly in school while sober and it got worse even though I had stopped for a while, I started to become afraid to eat because I though I would get it in my food, EVEN restaurant or unpackaged food! I delt with that for almost a year.

    I went for counseling, no it did not help much. Only a tiny bit, but it was a hard process just for a little relief. And I was to afraid to take medication because they're pretty much have similar effects as weed. And antidepressants are probably a bad idea, the panic is psychological based so theyre just going to make you feel weird.

    Finally I found a book, and it taught me everything that councelling didn't teach me, and since then I haven't had ANY anxiety, or panic attacks. I'm still a little nervous around people who smoke, but not major anxiety, or random panic attacks. I'd recommend checking it out, it's on my blog: link It's on

  • You're not alone. I had my first panic attacks when I was little. First time I was about 2 or 3. We were at a park that had a pool there. My family said come on they were leaving, but I got side tracked with these girls lol. Once I discovered my family wasn't around I went into a panic attack. Meanwhile my family was riding around looking for me. I remember those girls were walking me trying to find my family and we ran into them on the street. I remember looking up at those girls thanking them to this day. But really that wasn't the first time either. I was about that age when a plant blew up near our house and we could see the flames in the air. I think that was my first real hard panic attack and there was many others' a lot of them were the plants we lived near. BUT when I was 15 a guy who was suppose to be our friend handed me a glass of mushroom tea not telling me what it was or what it would do. I was a huge glass and I was cotton mouthed that night. I drank nearly every drop of it leaving only about an ounce. At first it started out I was high doing things I wouldn't normally have done. But then it started really digging in. I ended up at the ER and got pumped out. I remember the nurses and doctors at the ER telling me I may not made it that night. Not only did I have serious flash backs for over 6 months trying to jump out of moving cars at 50MPH or faster, I was having panic attacks with it. My life has been a real hell. I know all about the anti depressants and all that. They work for a while and then you have to give it a break and then switch to something else. The thing to watch for while you're on those is a faster than normal heart beat related to the effects of the medication if any and with some other symptoms if any inform your doctor and let him tapper you off. But don't try treating yourself with over the counter stuff. It could actually end up making your symptoms of panic much worse off. You also need to be real careful about mixing things like St. Jhon's Wort with any medications especially anti depressants or tranquilizers, any medications. So if you see the doctor make sure you tell them you've been taking that. Do what you can and try to get a handle on your panic attacks. If you let them go they can control your life and cause you to become disabled.

    • Also be aware that taking ST John's Wart is dangerous if you're using it with medications like mentioned above. You should always consult with your doctor before taking over the counter or at the very minimum a pharmacist.

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    • That's a shame. I agree that someone will give him his one day. I supose he isn't thinking normally in the first place because of his drugs...

    • I agree very well could be.

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