What is romance? What does it mean these days?

What do guys consider romantic? What can a girl do that is romantic for a guy? I don't think romance is dead... but if it is, I want to bring it back. How do we do that?


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  • Romance can be subjective, it can be many things depending on who you are and how you look at it. I don't think it is dead, it is alive but it has also changed... but that is a little off topic.

    Romance for guys isn't too far off from romance from women, its all about gestures and thoughtfulness. Its just want guys want from romance can be different, and that's true of all people. I think this goes into gender roles but again off topic.

    Romance is those intimate moments where endorphins flow and give you a very intimate feeling.

    • hmmm so what is something romantic I can do for my bf?

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    • No... well maybe, but most likely no. lol Something that makes you both feel closer, something like watching a movie or having a dinner just the two of you. Sports aren't typically romantic...

    • hahaha true. I like movies :) I'll totally do that

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  • Romance is a sin.

    Romance is considered a trick to get a woman in bed.

    Fact is most all women desire romance. Each woman is different as far as romance is concerned.

    In marriage it is simply being considerate to the wife. Placing the women in her proper role as a man desires to see her importance to him.

    In the past a romantic act of bring a woman flowers was due to the fact we were a basic farming country and flowers had no food value. So to pick flowers which had a fragrance was a delight to a woman's sense of color and smell. Remember all the men smelled like crap due to toilet paper had not been invented.

    Romance today is taking a woman out to a nice dinner and holding the door for her, flowers and treating her special. For most this is special treatment. Not for me.

    if a man does not have it in him to want for himself to focus on the one woman important in his life.

    Today it is an stage set to manipulate sex which is a sin because for many it is not inherent in the man to act in this manner without a sexual trade off.

  • Romance is being inspired by the person you like and going out of your way to show him/her that you like them. It's treating them like they're special. It's probably that simple, and there's nothing that needs bringing back.

    • hmm okay. yeah, I feel like my boyfriend is romantic towards me, but I want to be more romantic towards him!

  • guys don't get off on romance the way girls do. just satisfy us sexually and we'll be happy.

    • haha sad. what's something romantic a girl can do for a guy though?

    • I can't think of a thing. seriously.

      It's usually the guys doing the romancing since girls like that sh*t. actually bring another girl in the bedroom. that'd be romantic ;)

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