What does it mean when a guys texts winks and kisses?

I really like him.

I just hope he likes me the way I do as well. He texts me winks and kisses a lot. He also says real cute things. He likes me right? We have a date on Saturday. I hope I don't screw this up.

I ask because until a few days ago I was unsure if he liked me. But he has been busy, and now actually makes an effort to text me. I am just so confused, I thought I wouldn't get another date with him... Lol


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  • Hey! Don't let guys give you a hard time on here, some can be complete douchebags. I don't use smilies and such that much when I text but the way you're describing it, it seems like he's at least somewhat interested in you. He's using the faces to project some kind of emotions in his words, so he obviously cares what he is saying to you. Plus, you're going on a date so he's got some kind of interest in you. Don't worry so much! I know what it feels like, getting excited that you find someone you like and then overthinking whether or not they like you, it can be torturous. Just relax, be yourself on the date and everything will be fine. Here is a wink ;) haha.

    • Thanks for the BA! I hope things worked out :)

    • your welcome! and I thought I would tell you he is very interested, but has been so busy with projects. but he is officially freer this week. so I am excited! :) thanks again! :)

    • Yea! I told you not to worry haha, shoot me a message if you ever need help with anything!

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  • Well, he's just trying to be cute. He probably sends the winks and kisses to all the girls. I often do still.

    Good luck with the date, but it's only a date. You proably aren't special to him.

    • Wow your answer was pretty rude.

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    • I just was trying to tell you not to put much weight on the kisses and wink signs! Boy, do you overanalyze!

    • Best Answer, no?

  • Guys should never send that in messages. Now since that is cleared up, he either likes you by mimicking your texts or is the dreaded "nice guy" assumptions ruin relationships so just have fun.

  • He might like you, don't over think it and scare him away though


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