How to get a girl to notice you?

How can a shy kind of average looking guy like me get a GOOD girl to notice me? I don't want to be creepy and just stare at a girl. What can I do/say?


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  • You can smile at her and introduce yourself. If you're shy it might be hard to imagine yourself doing it, but once you have you'll see there isn't that much to be shy about. It also says something good about you if you don't start with a lame pick-up line. Those can sometimes drive a girl away. Just relax and be yourself (pretending to be someone else or say something you wouldn't normally say isn't something I would recommend.) Go with your instinct. Good luck! :)


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  • Oh...well I knew this one guy who wore his hair in pigtails...i guess that doesn't help you...

  • You could compliment her on what she's wearing, or if you notice she's done something different with her hair/makeup/outfit, tell her it looks nice. Or strike up a small conversation, say hello, be polite, hold open the door for her, be a gentleman. And be yourself. You could walk her to her next class. If you know she likes a certain show you could comment on something funny/cool that happened on last nights episode.

    Just show her that your interested in her, and her interests. !


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