The girl who gets all the attention?

The girl who gets all the attention from guys

What makes guys chase after that one girl?

Her body? Face? Etc?



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  • The girl who knows how to walk into a room and command attention is the "It Girl" to most guys. It's not necessarily one physical thing, it's the whole package.

    For example, I walk into the room with a confident stride, stop just past the doorway and scan the room as though I belong there -- as though it's my place to be there -- and look for a familiar face. Guys tend to stop what they're doing and check me out as soon as I walk in. (I didn't ever notice that; a friend who's attended a bunch of meetings with me told me about it and a guy I was seeing said I have a very magnetic personality.)

    If I'm confused or uncertain about something, I maintain a good posture and a smile and ask a quick question. People never fail to answer, then follow up with a few questions of their own to see where I'm going, if I'm okay, if I need further assistance, etc. Guys will always hold the doors open without my asking, etc. It's just a matter of smiling and being confident -- really just saying "this is the world in which I exist and this is where I belong."

    Don't let anyone ever let you feel like garbage. Feel sorry for those people. They have nothing better to do. Always fill our heart with positive, comforting thoughts and both confidence and mercy will come to you naturally.

    Do I have "down" days? Yes, for sure. Everyone does, but on those days I find that people are willing to help because they know and understand the positive person I tend to be and seek the positive energy I tend to bring into whatever place or situation I find myself.

    No, I maintain that it's not my body that makes me attractive -- though it's not bad, if I have to be honest. It's not my face, clothes, or any other single thing. It's the whole package tied up in sunshine and confidence.

    NOTE: B*tchy girls have a similar effect on men because they are confident and perhaps physically beautiful (though not necessarily). It really is the confidence that attracts the flock of guys... Try it for a week and you'll see that the confident girl gets the guys.


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  • link

    This essentially summarizes what every guy on this topic is going to tell you.

  • Well if she has a pretty face, A hot body, perfect features, awesome personality, why wouldn't guys want to chase after her she's tip top girlfriend material.

    • Okay but sometimes I see not so pretty girls who get chased all the time and pretty girls who get almost none

      Those non pretty girls have amazing bodies

    • Lots of guys just want ass they want to hit it and quit it, not looking for a relationship. When girls are pretty they don't get guys because they "intimidate" them that's at least how I experienced it.

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