My boyfriend cuts himself and takes like 10 advil when he's not fealing good

dose and ont have any advice on what I should do he cuts himself and just did not that long ago and he had to get 15 stiches I ask him to talk to me and he won't explain why he dose it then when he doesn't feal good he takes tons of pills to feal better he drinks sometimes but he will say I need to drink and he will run out of the house and go grab a micky and drink the whouls thing even be4 breakfast I really need someones help on how to aproch this he will be 30 next March do I tell his parents he said he will only go to councleing if he's drunk he thinks this is the only way that he can talk to people what do I do I need help


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  • It is very difficult to help someone when they refuse the help, to be honest right now the only thing you can do is wait until he gets tired of living like that. My sister used to cut herself, and drink as soon as she'd wake up, would smoke weed and she also refused listening to my or anyone's advice. It was until she cut herself very deep one time and was taken to the hospital, right there we told the doc that she wanted to kill herself, so they took her to a mental hospital for what is call 51/50. she stood there for 3 days getting help from counselors doctors. after she was released she changed her lifestyle 100%.

    • so I shouldent tell his mother I'm afraid that he's going to hurt his self and he sai dthat he doesn't want to go to the hosptail and tell anyone what has happend because he doesn't want to be admited I don't know what to do

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    • he said if I tell him mom he's going to leave me I gave him a choice eatheir he books a week or to off work and just say its a vaction he's going on and go to the hosptail and get admited and stay and get help 4 awile or he can leave me and I'm going to tell his mother he needs help

    • Yes the only way he is going to get better is if he gets treated he must have some time of depression and good medication will make him feel better. It good that you gave him a choice but he's not really going to take your words serious, My advise if that next time he's cutting or drinking pill just walk away and go tell his mom, also if you get the opportunity you should record him to show proof to his family members.

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