So I tuned 18 yesterday!

How the hell am I supposed to convince my parents that I'm actually 18 now and they have to stop treating me like I'm 8.

I'm freaking sick of it. I even have this form that I have to fill in (Since I'm 18) And my dad wouldn't even let me see it, it's driving me crazy.

I asked them If I could go to a 10 o'clock movie for my birthday and my dad said "It's winter right now, it's snowing there's no way you could go" What the hell does that even mean?


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  • Just because you turn 18 doesn't mean everything magically changes.

    Has long has you are under your parents roof, rent free, they have the right to set rules/boundaries.

    If its something that you disagree with then you should get a job and save to get your own place.

    I hate to sound harsh.

    But its the fact of the matter.

    Some people are in their 20s living at home, still getting told what to do.

    It all comes with the territory when you live in another persons home (no matter how old you get).


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  • No. Its hopeless to even try. You will always be their little angel that they have to protect. You turning 18 just removes one of their hollow excuses that they try to justify it.

    If you want to be more independant you need to start taking responsibility for yourself. You know best where you should begin.

    Happy birthday by the way. Hope you had a great time.

  • they aren't going to start treating you different over night just because you are 18 now. to them you are still young and live in their house. I had the same problem things will gradually get better.

  • Move out...

    Until you've lived on your own..

    you are always a child.


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